February 13, 2019

Winter is coming and we don't mean the game of thrones series, but the white cold stuff that falls from the sky!!! Here are some things to keep in mind when ordering a dumpster or storage container during the winter months.

  • If you are placing the container or dumpster in or on a driveway or street, please make sure it is free of snow and ice for both delivery and pick up.
  • Icy/ snowy areas make it harder to control placing either a dumpster or a container. Apply rock salt or quick joe to help remove frozen snow and ice.
  • If the container or dumpster is placed or to be placed on grass, dirt or gravel please try to make the area as accessible as possible for both delivery and pick up.
  • Try to keep the area around the dumpster as clean and accessible as possible especially the front of the dumpster.
  • Storage containers should have access to both sides as well as the front of the container. Driving can become hazardous during these months, so we ask you be patient for delivery time and / or pick up time.

Remember it is winter and we want to keep our drivers safe.