February 13, 2019


So, you have a dumpster, now what? You fill it. right – not so much. The biggest misconception is the amount of material (trash) you intend on getting rid of.

A few items can turn in to much more quickly. The size of the items is also a major factor. A small couch, a few end tables can take up a good amount of room depending on their size. Then there are the boxes and bags full of stuff.

Neighbors think its okay to throw away items they want to get rid of. The next thing you know is there is more items piled on top of the stuff you wanted to get rid of. We call this “overloaded” which is when the items rise above the top of the of the rail.

Below are some examples:

Our drivers need to place a tarp over the top of the container, which insures the contents of the container do not fall out onto the roadway.

Remember one of your family members may be driving behind a container truck. The safety of others depends on all of us doing our part.

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